Ventilating Dehumidifiers Address Many Indoor Air Quality Concerns

By Tim De Stasio Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many home and building owners have a renewed concern about the quality of their indoor air. While many commercial buildings, schools and offices were unoccupied or under-occupied in 2020 and 2021, people are spending more time in their homes. The quality of the air we breatheContinue reading “Ventilating Dehumidifiers Address Many Indoor Air Quality Concerns”

R-22 Refrigerant Policy and Technician Guidelines

R-22 Refrigerant has been phased out by the EPA for over a year (January 1, 2020). This refrigerant was used in most HVAC systems produced before 2012. Our company has been alerting our customers of this for many years now and our policy for adding refrigerant has evolved as we drew closer to the phaseoutContinue reading “R-22 Refrigerant Policy and Technician Guidelines”

The Healthy Air Initiative From Southern Comfort Consulting and Service

By Tim De Stasio It’s the year 2020 and COVID-19 has changed our world.  We are re- thinking how we live, work, play and spend time with our loved ones.  We are also spending more time in our homes.  Children are learning from home.  Many people are now working from their homes and many willContinue reading “The Healthy Air Initiative From Southern Comfort Consulting and Service”

Southern Comfort Consulting and Service COVID-19 Policy

Updated 4/5/2021 Policies and procedures in effect for COVID-19 also known as Corona Virus: We are endeavoring to keep our employees and customers safe from the virus. As an essential business, we are still open and providing limited services and taking precautions. The following policies and procedures are being practiced: Elective services are subject toContinue reading “Southern Comfort Consulting and Service COVID-19 Policy”

Breathe Healthy Air In Your Home

By Tim De Stasio Right now, many home owners are concerned about breathing healthy air. It’s April, 2020 and the Coronavirus is spreading through the country, causing many people to have increased awareness about their respiratory health. I want to be very clear about the intent of this article. I am not a medical professional,Continue reading “Breathe Healthy Air In Your Home”

Pipe Thread Sealants and Compounds- A Quick Guide

By Tim De Stasio There are a number of products available to trade professionals to connect threaded pipe. Depending on the application, some products work better than others, and some should never be used in certain applications. These products can be separated into 2 main categories: Thread Sealants and Joint Compounds. Both types seal theContinue reading “Pipe Thread Sealants and Compounds- A Quick Guide”

Using Total Heat and Enthalpy to Diagnose Comfort Issues

By Tim De Stasio Troubleshooting comfort issues in a home require advanced knowledge of how temperature, moisture and air flow work together. With the introduction of smart probes and HVAC apps that connect to them, a technician now has the tools to put all that knowledge to work at his or her finger tips. ButContinue reading “Using Total Heat and Enthalpy to Diagnose Comfort Issues”

Duct Leakage- The Hidden Energy Thief

By Tim De Stasio- Ducts are a seldom appreciated but very important part of your HVAC system. The job of your ductwork is to deliver the air that your HVAC equipment has heated or cooled to all the rooms in your home.  You may not realize it, but that air has energy that you willContinue reading “Duct Leakage- The Hidden Energy Thief”

The Real Facts About the R22 “Freon” Phase- Out in 2020

The long announced R22 phase- out has arrived.  This impacts most home- owners, especially those with older HVAC systems over 8 years old.  Get educated, know if you are affected, have a plan in place if you are, and don’t fall for the myths. What is R22? R22: The industry name for a refrigerant thatContinue reading “The Real Facts About the R22 “Freon” Phase- Out in 2020”

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